Examples of nanoindentation data

Format of data

  • Only ‘Sample’ sheet of a .xls files obtained from MTS software - Analyst are accepted.
  • You data must only have the loading part from the load-displacement curves of your (nano)indentation results, or it is necessary to have a ‘Hold Segment Type’ to detect when the loading part is over.


It is advised to do at least 30 indentation tests to have consistent results.


  • mts-XP_Indcon5um_Al2O3-40nm.xls
    • Data obtained for a sample of ALD-Alumina (40nm) on a substrate of PVD-Aluminum (500nm) deposited on a oxidized silicon substrate.
    • Tests were performed on a Nanoindenter XP MTS with a sphero-conical indenter (radius 5microns), without CSM mode at room temperature.